Market Assessment

Sectoral assessment of women's entrepreneurship development in agriculture and renewable energy, Somalia, 2020

    This sectoral assessment merges the ILO’s methodologies of sector selection, value chain analysis and assessment of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development (WED). It is conducted in the framework of the Sweden-funded Public and Private Development Partnership (PPDP) Project for Renewable Energy and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Somalia (2018-2022), making the country the pioneer in conducting a WED assessment using this methodology.

    It proposes recommendations on interventions aiming to advance representation and meaningful participation of women entrepreneurs in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors and to enhance their contribution to job creation opportunities, social progress and economic growth in Somalia. The two value chains conducive to the development of WED, milk in the agriculture and off-grid solar in the renewable energy sector are being further analysed and developed as part of the PPDP project.