Market Assessment

GTZ Philippines 2002

    GTZ conducted a rapid market appraisal of 13 selected business services in the Visayas region as part of an effort to design the Private Sector Development Program (PSDP.) Discussions and field visits validated the results of the appraisal.

    Methods for info gathering
    Rapid Market Appraisal, SE Interviews, Provider Interviews, Key Informant Interviews

    Summary of results
    The study indicated that, together with other constraints, the malfunctioning of BS markets in the Philippines hindered the development of SMEs. The study also showed that the necessary pre-conditions for effective BDS market development existed and there were several ways the PSDP could stimulate the business services markets...
    · The area had a vibrant, growing private sector
    · A market existed for a wide variety of BDS
    · SEs wanted BDS and business information and would pay for it

    SEs were, however, often dissatisfied with the quality, availability, and appropriateness of existing services and many had begun producing them in-house to control quality and cost.

    On the supply side, the study found that providers were often as limited as their clients with respect to business planning and marketing capability. They also lacked awareness of the market potential and did not proactively try to reach new markets or develop new products.

    Addressing these issues would stimulate the growth of BS markets and enable more SMEs to get the services they needed to develop their businesses. Assisting Visayan service providers to develop and commercialize new products in a variety of service areas would strengthen the supply, increase competition, and provide SMEs with access to the services they wanted.

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