Market Assessment

ILO Ghana 2000

    The study was a quantitative survey of 400 micro and small enterprises with less than 20 workers in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The survey used a modified Usage, Attitude, Image Market Study format to investigate SEs' awareness, understanding, usage and opinions about a wide range of business services. The aim of the study was to get a basic understanding of the demand for business services from SEs, a picture of supply from the consumer perspective and some indications about opportunities for BDS market expansion. The cost for the local research was US$12,170; the cost for international consultants was approximately US$3,500.

    GTZ conducted some follow-up research, which has not yet been published, or put in the public domain.

    Methods for info gathering
    SE Survey, UAI Survey, Key Informant Interviews, Quantitative

    Summary of results
    The study revealed very weak markets for business services, where market penetration was less than 2% for most services with a few exceptions such as telecommunications and information from newspapers or magazines. Both demand and supply appeared weak. The awareness level of many services was less than 50% and those entrepreneurs who were aware of services often did not know where to get them. Many survey respondents did not place great value on business services. The analysis of the study identified some services where there might be opportunities for expansion including telecommunications, advertising, courier, information and accounting and bookkeeping. The ILO data can be disaggregated by gender.

    The study was used to inform the design of a program in Ghana to develop selected BDS markets. Key elements of the program are:
    - identification of commercial radio stations currently targeting MSEs with specific programmes
    - a survey of BDS providers in the catchment areas of those radio stations
    - a brief baseline UAI survey linked to the identified BDS provision in those areas
    - a B2B exhibition in which MSEs can meet with BDS providers
    - programming content to raise awareness about BDS provision, opportunities, benefits, etc.

    At the time of writing, the UAI survey and B2B exhibition were being planned.

    Associated Activities and Documents
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    Impact Assessment
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