Market Assessment

Identification of Employment Oriented Export Sectors, Bangladesh, IRIS, 2005

    This report was submitted to UNDP Bangladesh in May 2005 to assist in the formulation of ideas that will ensure Bangladesh's global competitiveness following the expiry of the Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA). The study offers an overview of export diversification projects/organizations operating in the country, lessons learned from the export promotion strategies of Bangladesh's regional competitors, an evaluation of the country's trade policy, and the selection and analysis of seven employment intensive export sectors.

    As a complement to the main sector identification and analysis of the report, the study begins with a stocktaking of export diversification projects and organizations operating in Bangladesh. Recognizing that the country's chances do not rest on its internal efforts alone, this study also takes into account the reality of the interlinked world economic environment and the competition for market access posed by such regional neighbors as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Pakistan. Following an evaluation of competitor country export promotion mechanisms, as well as competitor vulnerabilities in the face of post-MFA, it then becomes possible for Bangladesh to learn from their successful efforts, strategically adopt appropriate policy measures in light of their posturing, and to invest in export sectors in Bangladesh that bear competitive advantage. A review of cross-cutting policy issues affecting the country's export performance, including recommendations, rounds out the secondary research portion of the report and prepares the way for the highlighted sector identification and analysis.

    The heart of this study employs a three-pronged sector selection approach to identify opportunities that represent high employment and export potential. Seven high potential sectors are then discussed and recommendations made for their development.

    Methods for info gathering
    secondary research, focus group discussions, key informant interviews, project experience

    Associated Activities and Documents
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