Synthesis Documents

Applying a market systems lens to technology scale-up. A brief literature review, USAID, April 2015

    Technologies have the potential to enable households, communities and firms to improve their yields and income, food security, and participation in the economy. Throughout the literature, there is a clear assumption that technology and development are closely tied. The majority of the world’s poor live in rural areas, lack connections to information, and have limited access to many goods and services. In such contexts, small technology improvements can have big impacts and transformative effects. But technology adoption rates among the rural poor are often low.

    The goal of this literature review, therefore, is to generate insights into how to use market systems development to improve the scaling up of technologies for the benefit of food security and poverty reduction. The review focuses on the agricultural sector and provides a synthesis of the relevant literature, summarizes lessons learned on scaling up technologies, and identifies gaps in research to date.