Synthesis Documents

Value Chain Development by the private sector in Africa. Lessons learnt and guidance notes, GIZ 2013

    This publication summarises current understanding, experiences and challenges around inclusive business approaches in Africa. Its specific focus is on the role and responsibility of the private sector as regards value chain development in the sub-Saharan region.

    The study defines inclusive business as an approach that "integrates people living in poverty into the value chain as consumers or producers, thus making a positive contribution to the development of companies, the local population and the environment.”

    The book is organised into three main parts:
    Part I presents six feature articles contributed by researchers and practitioners on the subject of inclusive business approaches and value chain development. These chapters provide insights into different aspects of the topic from semi-theoretical and practice-oriented points of view. The authors mostly focus on approaches which they consider to be workable – as gleaned from their own research practice or the experiences of their respective organisations.

    Part II presents three in-depth case studies on Kenya, Liberia and South Africa.
    In an effort to make the publication more practical and relevant to the private
    sector, the country case studies are complemented by seven company case examples.
    • Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Sustainable Management Services Limited
    • Entrepreneurship for Youth Empowerment Kenya
    • In Liberia
    • TOTAL-Liberia
    • Building Markets
    • In South Africa
    • Standard Bank
    • RTT Group

    Part III is dedicated to recommendations and guidance notes. This chapter has been compiled by distilling the key lessons learnt and insights gleaned from Parts I and II, and combining them with supplementary information obtained from other sources. The chapter also contains a ‘useful links’ section which provides information on some of the prominent organisations pursuing inclusive business principles and approaches in Africa.