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Value Chain Development. Approaches and activities by UN agencies and opportunities for cooperation, 2011

    This report is a first output of the work of the United Nations Value Chain Development Group (UN VCD Group), which was founded in 2010 with a view to increase the coherence of the UN’s work in value chain development. Based on a review of main publications, internet presentations and internal information it outlines the different approaches and perspectives that seven of the UN agencies apply in their work on value chain development. It also points to some of the challenges the UN system is facing in enhancing its effectiveness and coherence and offers some initial consideration for how the UN system might seize opportunities for interagency cooperation to further improve the efficiency of value chain development activities.

    Summary of results
    Among other things, the authors encourage the UN to better define the specialization of each agency, improving possibilities of interagency cooperation and potentially increasing the efficiency of joint value chain development projects. Other recommendations include increasing transparency and improving internal knowledge management, to better understand who does what and where.

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    Synthesis Documents
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