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Making Value Chains Work Better for the Poor - A Toolbook for Practitioners of Value Chain Analysis (2008)

    The toolbook is a concise operational document aimed at providing value chain practitioners with an easy to follow set of tools for value chain analysis, focused on poverty reduction.

    Whilst there are a number of handbooks on Value Chain analysis already in existence the aim of this toolbook is to bridge the gap between value chain analysis and pro-poor development. Hence the tools that are presented here are similar to those presented in other handbooks, but the main special feature of the toolbook is that within each of the tools there is a clear focus on how to apply the tool in order to analyze the impact of the value chain from the point of view of the poor.

    The toolbook is organized in 2 main sections. The first section gives a theoretic background to value chains and also explains the pro-poor entry points for Value Chain analysis described in this toolbook.

    The second section contains a set of 8 value chain analysis tools, the first four of which are considered to be 'Core Tools' that should be undertaken to form a minimum pro-poor value chain analysis. The next 4 tools are 'advanced tools' which can be undertaken in order to provide a more comprehensive picture of some pro-poor dimensions of the value chain.


    The toolbook is now a living document updated on a continuing basis. To support this, the toolbook is hosted on a wiki website, a collaborative website workspace where multiple people can edit together and collaborate.

    You can access the current wiki version of the toolbook on the website.

    Alternatively, you can download the latest published hard copy version on the right hand side, or using one of the following links:

    (1) The Valuechains4Poor website with links to smaller files for easier downloading.

    (2) The direct link to the low resolution file.