Promotion of Equity through Pro-Poor Growth Programme, Nicaragua, 2004-

    The Nicaragua Promotion of Equity through Pro-Poor Growth Programme (PEMCE by its Spanish acronym) is a £2.5 million, 3 year programme which aims to stimulate broad-based growth and address income inequality in Nicaragua. The programme's specific objective is to make international donor resources, particularly those of the World Bank and IADB, more effective in support of the small and medium enterprise sector. To do this it supports a broad range of government and private sector partners in rural and urban areas, at local and national level.

    Specifically, the programme:

    - Provides technical assistance for the Government of Nicaragua for design to its Small Enterprise SWAP
    - Supports National and Local Government counterparts to communicate and consult more effectively with small enterprise on local business climate and overall policy issues
    - Assists small enterprises and their representatives to generate best practice and important policy lessons, which feed into broader policy and programme design. The programme focuses on the tourism, handicrafts, plantain, furniture, agro-industry, sesame and cocoa sectors.
    - Provides strategic support to key IFI initiatives to enhance their focus on small enterprises
    - Works with Central America-wide stakeholders to facilitate mutual lesson-learning, and influence regional processes, such as implementation of the Central America Free Trade Agreement with the US

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »Making Markets Work (for the Poor)/M4P: Some key links, 2011