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Cambodia MSME Project - Final Report, 2008

    The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Cambodia (Cambodia MSME) project focused on promoting the competitiveness of the swine, fish, and brick and tile value chains - targeting producers, input providers, traders, government officials, and other relevant parties in its efforts to improve productivity and alleviate major constraints to doing business in these subsectors.

    In the course of its work between 2005 and 2008, the project team maintained a market-focused, facilitator model; it rarely addressed deficiencies directly, opting rather to guide producers to individuals, such as input providers, who could deliver needed (but previously nonexistent) services in the course of promoting their products.

    Cambodia MSME also worked to overcome the poor governance, mistrust, and lack of communication that impedes local economic development by pulling together actors from all across the private and public sectors for exposure tours and business forums, while helping select government officials to improve their abilities to draft and enforce regulation.

    Thus, in its implementation, the project worked mainly as a matchmaker and motivator, rather than as a service provider directly intervening in markets and public affairs. In addition to its technical work, Cambodia MSME strove to monitor and evaluate every aspect of its operations, commissioning two regional analytical organizations (Cambodia Institute of Development Study and Indochina Research Ltd.) to undertake extensive field surveys to capture relevant information.

    This report (right) describes in some detail what the programme did; the associated impact assessment (see also the link below) gives an overview of the results achieved.

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