Final Documentation

The Chili Show: SME stories spicing up Indonesian TV, Swisscontact Indonesia, 2008

    Swisscontact therefore came up with a strategy to work with media to help them develop skills to:

    - Address SMEs as an audience in terms of their information needs
    - Sell small businesses as potential market to sponsors and advertisers for promotional services
    - Identify issues that could be brought into the policy dialogue

    This led to an intervention, working with a leading national TV station to develop an SME-related TV show.

    Summary of results
    The success of the TV show, measured in various ways, made other players aware of SMEs in two ways: First, seeing them as a group for whom innovative programming content could be developed; and second, as a potentially large audience segment appealing to sponsors and advertisers. Competing stations put together and aired their own programmes on SMEs - so the original collaboration was able to inspire other stations, thereby making the market varied and competitive.

    For more detail, please download the case study from the link on the right, or visit the Swisscontact Indonesia website.