PrOpCom Nigeria, 2008

    PrOpCom aims to reduce poverty in Nigeria by application of the development paradigm known as "Making Markets Work for the Poor" (M4P). The overall purpose of PrOpCom is to facilitate basic changes in market systems and institutions to improve market operations leading to increase profits and revenue in such a way that poor people can benefit from these market activities.

    PrOpCom is currently facilitating three sets of activities to promote pro-poor market development:

    Improving the Ofada Rice Value Chain
    PrOpCom is supporting efforts to increase production, improve processing, and expand demand and markets both within Nigeria and the Nigerian Diaspora for an important Nigerian product, Ofada Rice

    Enhancing the "Kano-Kura Corridor" Rice Value Chain
    PrOpCom is facilitating initiatives promoting the production of quality local rice benefiting poor stakeholders in this key cereal growing and marketing region of the country

    Making the Soya Value Chain Work Efficiently
    PrOpCom is facilitating efforts to reduce transactional and transformational costs in soya production, processing and marketing.

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    Associated Activities and Documents
    Impact Assessment
    »PrOpCom Guideline on Monitoring, Impact Assessment and Reporting, Nigeria 2011 (E/F)
    Synthesis Documents
    »Making Markets Work (for the Poor)/M4P: Some key links, 2011