Market Assessment

Strengthening Value Chains in Sri Lanka's Agribusiness, DIE, 2006

    This study argues that a development path focusing on agribusiness is at least one promising option of achieving a socially inclusive growth under the conditions of globalization. It explores the possibilities and limitations of achieving socially inclusive but competitiveness-based growth in the case of Sri Lanka's agribusiness.

    Chapter 2 discusses the specific relevance of the agribusiness sector for development. Chapter 3 introduces the value chain approach as the main conceptual approach guiding the emperical research. Chapter 4 introduces the specific scenario for Sri Lanka outlining the relevance as well as the structure of Sri Lanka's agribusiness sector and its trade linkages. Chapter 5 discusses the results of the research. Chapter 6 focuses on the question of how to achieve competitiveness while at the same time assuring social inclusiveness - ie contributing to poverty reduction and increasing rural household incomes on a broad basis. Chapter 7 gives final conclusions and policy recomendations.