Final Documentation

Making Markets Work for the Poor: Case Studies for SDC, 2007

    These case studies were prepared primarily by the Springfield Centre, on behalf of the Fauno Consortium (Skat, Springfield Centre, Swisscontact, Facet, Inbas), for the Employment and Income Division of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Four cases are presented below:

    A common framework for learning and managing change: Experiences in the Balkans
    This case study is based on two SDC initiatives using Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) as a uniting framework against which to position, learn and improve the performance of the employment and income related portfolios of SDC regional programmes.

    Developing financial services markets for the poor: FinMark in South Africa
    A case study examining the experience of FinMark (an independent trust funded by DFID) in facilitating the development of more inclusive markets for transaction banking services in South Africa.

    Expanding the poor's access to business information and voice through radio in Uganda
    A case study exploring a series of inter-related projects that have worked with the recently established private FM radio in Uganda to establish small business-focused radio programmes. These programmes act as channels of information and platforms for public debate and discussion which enhance the voice of rural entrepreneurs.

    Improving the environment for small businesses in Indonesia and Russia
    A case study examining Swisscontact's experience in stimulating a more conducive environment for small businesses in Indonesia and Russia.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Final Documentation
    »Radio media in Africa - a market development tool for business services, DFID/ILO 2003
    »M4P Programme Summary - FinMark Trust, 2009
    Synthesis Documents
    »Making Markets Work (for the Poor)/M4P: Some key links, 2011
    »MMW4P - Private sector delivery of public benefit goods and services, SDC seminar May 2007