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Local Economic Development - Key Documents and Links (2011)

    Local Economic Development (LED) is a strategy for promoting local economies as a way to fight poverty. LED programs often include elements of service market development and/or value chain development and vice versa. This entry provides some key documents and links to information on LED. For a more comprehensive overview of resources, please refer to the DCED knowledge page on LED and Clusters.

    The ILO hosts a knowledge page on LED, at

    Below is a handbook on Local and Regional Economic Development (published in Feb 07) based on GTZ's work in South Africa. It includes principles, strategies and intervention areas for LRED as well as many tool for implementing LRED and an extensive reading list for further information.

    Also on the right hand side is a case study of LED in Indonesia from GTZ (2004).

    The LED team of the Urban Development Unit of the World Bank have recently published a Trainer's Manual on Making LED Strategies. The site as a whole, with some very useful background documents (such as a Primer) and LED case studies sorted by region, can be found at

    Below is a Paper by Shawn Cunningham and Jorg Meyer-Stamer which argues that the orthodox approach to LED suffers from serious flaws; it makes recommendations on more promising approaches.

    The NRI hosts a number of Papers on LED, including "Addressing poverty through local economic and enterprise development: A review of conceptual approaches and practice", by Davis and Rylance, 2005.

    The Mesopartner Dec. 05 Newsletter had an interesting editorial, on a similar theme: 'How do 'Enabling Environment' and 'Making Markets Work for the Poor' relate to LED and PACA?'

    Other interesting sites are at OECD and SDC.

    Organizations offering training on LED include the ILO Turin Centre and mesopartner.

    Associated Activities and Documents
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    Final Documentation
    »Local/Regional Economic Development in South-Eastern Europe, GTZ 2006
    Synthesis Documents
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