Market Assessment

Facilitation of the market for BDS for fish farmers in Vietnam, GTZ 2006

    For three reasons aquaculture products are important for developing countries: they contribute heavily to export income, generate employment and are of high nutritional value. Fuelled by a growing global demand for fish, the significance of fishery products in general and aquaculture in particular has therefore grown considerably over the past decades and will continue to grow in the future. This is true of Vietnam in general and An Giang province, in particular: this province has the highest production of freshwater aquaculture products in the country. The aquaculture sector is growing and so is its economic importance.

    GTZ's SME Promotion Programme assists local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to benefit from the growing aquaculture sector in a sustainable way. One of the Programmes objectives in An Giang province is to improve the provision of Business Development Services (BDS) to SMEs in the aquaculture sector. The rationale behind this approach is to increase their business capacities in areas such as production technology, marketing and access to international markets.

    Against the background of designing interventions to improve the functioning of the BDS market in An Giang, the study had the following objectives:

    * Identify difficulties of fish farmers and processors and their experience with BDS
    * Identify the role of food safety and quality standards
    * Assess shortcomings of the current BDS market
    * Recommend interventions to improve BDS provision

    The full report can be downloaded by clicking on the link, above.