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Performance Measurement Framework 2001

    The "Performance Measurement Framework 2001" is the result of 3 years of global dialogue and action research to come up with a practical and common set of indicators for BDS program. This technical note describes the PMF 2001 indicators and provides guidance on measuring the indicators and interpreting the resulting data with examples from field research.

    The technical note also summarizes the findings and recommendations of the performance measurement framework (PMF) field research conducted from 1999-2001. The PMF research provided valuable insight into the potential and the limitations of the PMF. Given these limitations, the research recommends for application a current version of the PMF, 'the PMF 2001,' which contains a set of indicators and methodologies that field researchers found valid, practical, and useful in assessing BDS program performance. The PMF Field Research represents an early step in the development of common performance indicators for the BDS field, but the PMF remains a work in progress.

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    »Lessons learned using the Performance Measurement Framework, by McVay, 2000