Final Documentation

Hand-made woollen fabrics in Pakistan ('Shubinak'), AKRSP / Azfal, 2005

    This case study by Fatimah Azfal describes the various interventions that AKRSP developed to address lack of markets among rural women; it provides an instructive account of which elements worked, and which needed to be modified during implementation. In the end, those interventions that built on market dynamics had the greatest success.

    Summary of results
    A business was established to export the fabric to Australia; 700 rural women have received orders worth Rs 5.1 between June 2004 and August 2005. The Government of Pakistan has announced a major initiative to build on the success achieved by the project.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »Sixth Annual Service Markets Seminar, Turin, September 2005 (English/French/Spanish)