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Value chains: Some key links (2013)

    The aim of this entry is to link visitors to some current events and documents on value chains - a burgeoning field. While value chain analysis has received much attention (see link to that entry, below), there is less consensus about how systemic the subsequent interventions should be. In other words, the value chain analysis may help practitioners to understand the system, but the challenge remains: how to enhance the operation of that system in ways that are both self-sustaining and pro-poor.

    CTA and the World Agroforestry Centre have published “Guides for Value Chain Development – A Comparative Review” (2013)(n.b. 4 Mb) which compares concepts and methods, and assesses the strengths and limitations, of 11 value chain development guides. They further note that, despite the proliferation of guides, key conceptual and methodological elements of value chain analysis and development are still evolving.

    The World Bank has published a comprehensive guide to agricultural value chain development, entitled "Building Competitiveness in Africa's Agriculture: A Guide to Value Chain Concepts and Applications" (2010).

    In 2007, FIAS published Moving Towards Competitiveness: A Value-Chain Approach. The Manual includes suggestions for value chain mapping, benchmarking and policy reform.

    From the agricultural extension community of practice comes

    SDC's Community of Practice on Value Chain Development can be found here; there are links to many key documents of various agencies.

    The ValueLinks approach, originally developed under the auspices of GTZ, can be found here: here. In 2013, GIZ published a review of Value chain development by the private sector in Africa. In 2005, GTZ profiled organisations using a value chain approach in development cooperation. Both are available on the right hand side.

    Agrifood Consulting has done a number of value chain studies in Asia and Africa as well as consulted on a number of VC projects. Reports can be found here.

    USAID has published a short brief on the Value Chain Approach to Economic Growth with Poverty Reduction available on the right hand side. More info on their approach is available on the MicroLinks website.

    AGEG's page on Value Chain Development is also a useful resource.

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