Final Documentation

Promoting embedded services for SEs in Ghana's craft sector, DFID/AFE, 2004

    The report describes the experiences of a short project to improve the capacity of Ghanaian craft exporters to provide an array of business services. The project developed and improved the ability of Ghanaian craft exporters to provide services to large numbers of SEs sustainably and effectively. Export production companies subcontract extensively with MSEs and provide embedded services to ensure they produce good quality products in a timely manner. If exporters succeed, they generate orders which they pass on to producers.

    Summary of results
    The report concludes that the project showed the feasibility of promoting technical assistance, training, and other business services to MSEs through market intermediaries who provide them at their expense because it makes good business sense. It demonstrated that promoting embedded services can be a powerful and sustainable way to develop MSEs that results in "win-win" relationships for both provider and user. The project used different facilitation techniques to promote services and concluded that facilitating more transactions between export companies and international clients is critical.

    AFE invites readers to share their feedback ( As people begin to experiment with different facilitation techniques it is important to share results. The promotion of EBS is relatively new and much remains to be learned. AFE hopes the project findings give practitioners new insights and ideas and help them design and implement successful programs.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Programme Design
    »Embedded services in Ghana - Programme Design, ILO/AFE 2002