Final Documentation

Radio media in Africa - a market development tool for business services, DFID/ILO 2003

    The British Department for International Development's (DFID's) Enterprise Development Innovation Fund (EDIF) is an action research fund designed to 'generate and disseminate valid learning', so contributing to improved practice in enterprise development.

    This project completion report provides details of a project undertaken under the EDIF fund and managed by the ILO (International Labour Organisation) FIT Programme, a programme involved in the development of innovative approaches to the delivery of business development services to micro and small enterprises (MSEs). The project effectively ran from 1st November 2002 to 31st December 2003.

    Summary of results
    The potential of commercially run business to business exhibitions: The project proved the commercial potential of business to business events that can bring together BDS providers and small enterprise customers. These events should join the list of demand side tools for BDS market development initiatives.

    The potential role of the media in supporting BDS and SED events: The project highlighted the beneficial role of involving key media players as part owners, organisers or media partners in business to business and other small enterprise events.

    The potential of using media to market and sell BDS products: While not fully tested under the project, the work has identified the potential role of the media in the direct marketing and sale of BDS products to MSEs with the strong potential benefit of this opening BDS markets to MSEs. The media can sign up and mobilize clients to enable remote BDS providers to offer services more efficiently and effectively.

    Win-win opportunities of BDS providers linking to the media as resource people: BDS providers appearing in the media and, for example, offering advice to listeners (readers or viewers) or providing content to the radio has been seen to have a strong potential benefit for both the media and BDS providers. While not succeeding in stimulating these links, investigations undertaken under the project into a trainer who has used the media in this way indicate that this can have a large impact on stimulating demand for business services.

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