Impact Assessment

Recommended Performance Assessment for USAID/Kenya Subsector Development, 2003

    Three USAID funded subsector development projects in Kenya aim to contribute to the attainment of USAID/Kenya's Strategic Objective 7, increased rural household incomes. Building on a causal model describing the subsector development approach, this report presents recommendations for designing a performance monitoring and impact assessment system for these three programs.

    The report starts by stressing the importance of establishing common terminology in developing this system, and offers working definitions of key concepts. It discusses principles that should guide the design and implementation of performance monitoring and impact assessment systems, including credibility, usefulness, cost effectiveness, flexibility, consideration of context, and stakeholder involvement in reviewing performance and impact findings. Challenges related to developing a common framework for performance monitoring and impact assessment for the three projects are then addressed. The report recommends a common performance monitoring system that would include all the indicators in USAID/Kenya's Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP), serve as a useful management information system, and not excessively burden the project managements. A specific list of indicators is proposed and sources of information, responsibility for data collection, and frequency/timing of data collection are discussed. Recommendations are also made for assessing the impact of these projects. Potentially, impact could be assessed in five different domains (the business service market, participating enterprises in the subsector, the related households, and the individual participating entrepreneurs). A list of potential impact indicators is provided. The report ends with suggested next steps.

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