Impact Assessment

The PMF and Swisscontact Service Centres, Philippines 2000

    There are essentially two types of Service Centres (SeCens):
    ·Business Development SeCens: A targets clientele composes a wide spectrum of SME sectors. The centers offer general business development services such as management training, market development, business advice and consultancy, fund brokering, resource assistance, etc. The operators of BD-SeCens so far come from organizations with a general business development background.
    ·Trade Sector SeCen: This is sector-specific center, which clientele is a well defined group of SMEs, such as metalworking, weaving, jewelry manufacturing, etc, The center offers specific services needed by the sector such as the operation of a display center, product development, material supply, training, market linkage, etc., Here, operators so far have their roots in the specific trade sector.
    In all, Swisscontact provided support to 8 different SeCen, of which 6 are still under assistance. The support of Swisscontact to BDS includes an innovative combination of business advisory services and human resource development. Additionally, financial support is provided mainly based on the performances of the SeCen instead of (traditionally) its operational costs. Here, the gross-profit of the SeCen is the basis for the calculation of Swisscontact's support. This Paper presents the achievements of the SeCens using the Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).

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