Market Assessment

Embedded services in Thailand and Vietnam, ILO 1999

    The study surveyed SEs in Vietnam and Thailand to evaluate the importance of the private BDS sector and document the variety, usage, and relevance of private sector services. It also identified opportunities for interventions that could strengthen private sector BDS provision in the two countries. The study surveyed food processing, furniture, textiles / clothing and information technology in Thailand; and wooden furniture, textiles / clothing, ceramics / pottery, light engineering, and food processing in Viet Nam. The surveys focused on the business to business linkages of each SE and the services provided through those links.

    Methods for info gathering
    SE surveys, Provider interviews

    Summary of results
    The study identified private service providers and service delivery mechanisms that exemplified the prevalence and importance of private sector BDS for SEs. It also demonstrated that much BDS is provided outside traditional buyer-provider relationships, with SEs seeking BDS through arrangements involving commissions, and receiving training, design, market links, and advertising through business-to-business affiliations. Informal BDS provision appeared to be prevalent with informal traders acting as distributors and salespeople, and individuals acting as agents for friends and families. This highlighted the importance of recognizing BDS provided informally and packaged with other services and business relationships.

    The study also noted the importance of using benefit to SEs as the determining factor in deciding which are, or are not, BDS and proposed that all services identified through the survey should be designated as BDS according to the benefit to the user, rather than traditional definitions and models.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis Documents
    »Hanoi DC Conference, 2000